Dove brand – ZMET Analysis




The Zaltman metaphor elicitation technique (ZMET) is a patented market research tool. ZMET is a technique that elicits both conscious and especially unconscious thoughts by exploring people’s non-literal or metaphoric expressions.

Gerald Zaltmanfmc
Dr. Gerald Zaltman

It was developed by Dr. Gerald Zaltman at the Harvard Business School in the early 1990s. As Zaltman described it, “A lot goes on in our minds that we’re not aware of. Most of what influences what we say and do occurs below the level of awareness. That’s why we need new techniques: to get at hidden knowledge-to get at what people don’t know they know.” The technique has been used by academic researchers and for marketing purposes to study a variety of topics related to both marketing and the social sciences.

Jerry Zaltman began thinking about the power of using imagery in research while in Nepal in 1990. He gave local residents disposable cameras and asked them to take pictures that explain village life.

The imagery revealed ideas that would have been difficult to put into words. This insight spawned an entirely new field of research: the use of imagery to facilitate deep probing into people’s true thoughts and feelings. ZMET® forms the foundation of this research, and continues to inform new approaches within Olson Zaltman and in the industry at large.

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Unilever – Brands, competition and more

unilever office
Unilever office in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Its 6 am in the morning and the wife wakes up to her alarm set in her iPhone. She is able to hear her husband already in the kitchen as it’s his day to do the daily chores. She goes to the washroom takes up her “Pepsodent” toothbrush, puts some “Close up” gel on it and starts brushing. Meanwhile her husband is preparing coffee by adding “Bru Instant” coffee powder inside the coffee mug.  Then after taking bath with her “Lux” soap, which is kept next to her husband’s “Lifebuoy” and her daughter’s pears soap. She enters the dining room and she’s able to see that the breakfast is ready. Toasted bread and “Kissan” jam and “Knorr” tomato soup. She curses her husband for the bread jam breakfast and crams some to fill her stomach. Meanwhile, their son sprays some “axe deodorant” hoping that at least today a few girls would follow him to his college while he walks past them. In the working area the servant maid is pouring some “surf excel matic” washing powder inside the washing machine and starts the machine. Continue reading “Unilever – Brands, competition and more”

The Brand called Aachi – The story of giant strides of an area manager to CMD

Aachi Group

different products

Aachi foods, the giant spices and Food Company has stretched its tentacles across the country and across the world.  This successful group of companies from Tamilnadu has been started by Dr. Padmasingh Isaac in the year 1998. Mr Isaac, a BBA graduate was previously working as an Area manager at Godrej soaps. He started this with an initial amount of just Rs. 50,000. Continue reading “The Brand called Aachi – The story of giant strides of an area manager to CMD”