Top 10 Unicorns

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What is a Unicorn?

A unicorn is a company, usually a start-up that with a stock market valuation or estimated valuation of more than $1 billion. This term was coined by Aileen Lee in the year 2013 and has become a part of the start up dictionary.

Sl no Company Name Valuation(Billion  $) Country Founder/s Year Industry
1 Uber 68 USA Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp 2009 Taxi Hailing
2 Xiaomi 46 China Lei Jun, Zhou Guangping, Li Wanqiang, Huang Jiangji, Hong Feng, Lin Bin, Liu De, Wang Chuan 2010 Hardware
3 Didi Chuxing 34 China  Cheng Wei, Zhang Bo, Wu Rui 2012 Taxi Hailing
4 Airbnb 29 USA  Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk 2008 Lodging services
5 Palantir Technologies 20 USA Alex Karp, Peter Thiel, Stephen Cohen, Joe Lonsdale, Nathan Gettings 2004 Big Data
6 18.5 China Gregory D. Gibb 2011 Fintech
7 China Internet Plus Holding 18 China Mr. Wang Xing 2002 Ecommerce
8 We Work 16.9 USA Adam Neumann, Miguel McKelvey, Adam Neuman 2010 Shared workspace services
9 SpaceX 12 USA Elon Musk 2002 Aerospace
10 Flipkart 11.2 India Sachin Bansal and Binny bansal 2007 Online Retail

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The Popcorn Mafia


Pic 3

I recently went to a mall to watch a movie along with my family members. Everyone reached the theater in the mall on time after parking the car (by paying an exorbitant parking fee) and somehow we managed to find some space in the elevator and reach the top floor (Cinemas). Then we rushed in with our tickets (booked online: Meaning collected the tickets at the counter) and after all the washroom dressing/ refreshments we managed to sit in our seats.

The Vicco Cream ad (the one with Rakul Preet Singh) was going on in the screen. Then we sat at the front rows; the 3rd row to be precise as the rows behind costs very high. We were an entourage of 6 members, all geared up for the latest block buster. I always feel happy to reach the movies on time when the ad is playing because I love watching the movie from the beginning. By the interval time all of us were hungry and we wanted to eat something, as we had traveled for an hour in traffic. (Hint: Bangalore’s traffic). Continue reading “The Popcorn Mafia”